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Membership FAQ


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Membership Brochure

Member Interest & Application

Member Engagement Brochure

The Application Process

If your application is complete and your company appears to qualify, you will be granted provisional membership and receive most member benefits beginning in 1-2 weeks. Once granted provisional membership status, you will receive an email with your login information for and a pro-rated invoice. If there are questions with regard to your application, please contact Heather Harvey, membership coordinator at or 571.612.3197.

For full membership, your application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee prior to a vote by the PMMI Board of Directors. If your application is rejected by the Membership Committee or by the Board of Directors, your dues will be refunded on a pro-rated basis. If approved by the Membership Committee and Board of Directors, you will receive notification of your acceptance and will receive 100% of the benefits available to your membership type.

Interested in PMMI Membership? Complete the Membership Interest Form »

To help us direct you to the proper application type for your company's membership,
we ask that you complete the Membership Interest Form.

Regarding Booth Space At PACK EXPO

The PACK EXPO booth space discount will apply to the upcoming show if the membership application is completed and  received by COB on June 30th.

Otherwise, the booth space discount and priority space selection will begin for the following year’s show. If your membership application is later denied by the Membership Committee or Board of Directors your PACK EXPO space rate will be recalculated at the non-member rate.

Trade Show Priority Policy

PMMI’s member priority program is a method of recognizing member companies that support PMMI shows by offering them priority in initial booth selection. Each PMMI show has its own priority classification.

PMMI will assign the same priority number to a member for a particular show so long as the member continues to exhibit at that show, though adjustments may result from other members being penalized for not exhibiting and from the sale, merger, or consolidation of members.

PMMI members that choose not to exhibit in a particular show will be penalized a designated number of positions as determined by PMMI. The maximum penalty for members at any given time is to remain at the end of the member priority list. Members not exhibiting for three or more consecutive shows will receive the maximum penalty.

Generally speaking, in the event of a sale, merger, or consolidation of a member company, PMMI will agree to reassign the show priority from that company to the surviving entity, provided that the surviving entity remains or becomes a PMMI member.

The member priority program is a loyalty incentive and booth selection mechanism. A priority is not an asset, and members have no property rights in a priority. Priorities may not be sold or transferred. As stated above, reassignment in the event of sale or similar corporate transaction is only by permission of PMMI. PMMI reserves the right to modify or terminate the priority program in its sole discretion.

PMMI Bylaws

Please read the PMMI Bylaws [pdf] before submitting your application. 

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Annual Dues and Fees

The Board of Directors sets the dues annually. PMMI invoices members the first of each year.

(Please note that rates displayed are in US currency and are subject to change.)

  • General Membership: $1,500 (Companies that manufacture Processing or Packaging Machinery in North America)
  • Supplier Membership: $2,000
  • Materials Membership: $2,000

Online Membership Directory

PMMI members are globally renowned for making the highest quality equipment, offering responsive service and committing to meeting their customers' needs.

Search the PMMI Member Directory online.


If you  have questions about membership applications and dues, the application process itself, or the status of a currently submitted application, please contact PMMI:

E-mail: Heather Harvey, Membership Manager
Phone: 1-888-ASK-PMMI (275-7664), Ext. 3197
Phone: 571-612-3200, Ext. 3197

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