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PMMI ExportEXPERTS Program


About the Program

PMMI’s ExportEXPERTS program offers you the ability to get your toughest export questions answered. The program consists of a group of experienced PMMI exporters who have volunteered to offer FREE counseling and advice to fellow members that haven’t exported but are considering it, or have ‘some’ exporting experience but would like advice on specific issues or markets. 

The ExportEXPERTS program was founded in response to the many small and medium sized members who have repeatedly revealed difficulties gaining reliable information about doing business in overseas markets. Through this program, PMMI helps match new-to-export members with a fellow PMMI member to talk about:

  • Export planning and preparation
  • Target market selection
  • Understanding customs and import procedures
  • Specific markets, standards, and legislations
  • Building sales channels and routes to new markets
  • Keys to developing successful overseas business relationships

After applying to connect with an ExportEXPERT:

  • PMMI will review your application and search for ExportEXPERT candidate with experience on specific markets or trade issues to assist you.
  • Matches are based on expertise, non-competing companies, and availability.
  • Members are required to complete an evaluation after their mentoring session has concluded before reapplying to the program.


I would like to apply now to speak with an ExportEXPERT!

Interested in becoming an ExportEXPERT?

  • ExportEXPERTS are PMMI members with global market experience, looking to expand their personal network and support an active community of PMMI member companies.
  • ExportEXPERTS will share insights with mentees on export markets and PMMI will serve as a gatekeeper to review applications for conflicts of interest, schedule meetings, and ensure time is well spent.
  • ExportEXPERTS names and contact information are kept confidential. Members will only be able to contact ExportEXPERT once they approve the meeting.
For more information on becoming an ExportEXPERT or you are interested in this program, please contact Paige Jarvi, Global Marketing Coordinator, at or (571) 287-6814. is a service of PMMI | Privacy Policy
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