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August 21, 2009


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Finalists to be Highlighted in Sold-Out Brand Zone; Online Voting will be Available


Arlington, Va.; Aug. 21, 2009 – For years the PACK EXPO trade shows have hosted the world’s leading packaging producers , and PMMI created PACK EXPO Selects™ to acknowledge their most innovative packaging developments.

“PACK EXPO Selects is one way we draw attention to advancements in product packaging,” says Ben Miyares, PMMI vice president, industry relations, who’s overseeing the 2009 competition. “This award recognizes and underscores the roles played by PACK EXPO exhibitors in the conception, development and production of inventive commercial packaging. This year, a number of entries touted bio-degradable packaging and material efficiencies.”

The fourth annual PACK EXPO Selects competition received 27 qualified entries (40 entries in all) from a range of PACK EXPO exhibitors. Just 10 made it as finalists in this year’s competition.

The finalists are displayed in Lower South Hall in the Showcase of Packaging Innovations®, sponsored by The Dow Chemical Company. The Showcase itself is part of PACK EXPO Las Vegas’ new — and sold out — Brand Zone.

The Dow Chemical Company has sponsored The Showcase of Packaging Innovations annually since PACK EXPO International 2006. The special area will include more than 100 award-winning packaging designs from a dozen or more international packaging associations.

“Innovation is particularly important in challenging times,” Miyares says. “Competition for consumers is stiffer than usual because of the economy. Brands need to be well positioned to stay in the front of their customers’ minds — and that positioning will carry them well into the upturn. PACK EXPO Selects and The Showcase of Packaging Innovations will provide ideas and inspiration for brand managers in search of the best ways to present their products.”

PACK EXPO attendees will choose the winning entries at on-site kiosks or online at Online voting is scheduled to go live in early September.

No winning formula available

“PACK EXPO attendees know a new and exciting package when they see one,” adds Miyares. “This award is decided by the people who know packaging best.”

CPT Go-Green’s “Kids Organic” line won the 2008 PACK EXPO Selects competition last year based predominantly on its environmental qualifications, using 30 percent less energy and materials, using fewer petroleum-based products and eliminating boxes and sleeves.

However, the first and second runners up were recognized primarily for aesthetic appeal and consumer convenience. Sonoco’s canister for Target’s Archer Farms Cereals was recognized as setting the brand apart with rounded edges, continuous graphics and reclosable plastic overcaps that allowed easier pouring, while Fabri-Kal Corp.’s Keebler Take-Alongs, with an “ice cube tray thermoformed multipack that keeps serving-size slugs of the cookies fresh until consumption,” were recognized for easy portion control and travel convenience.

Show attendees cast their votes for the winning package via their My PACK EXPO portals, which they can access at the many kiosks throughout PACK EXPO.

“There’s no formula for predicting a winning package,” Miyares said. “Each top vote-getter brings something different to the table.”

2009 PACK EXPO Selects Finalists









Reusable Zipper Bag

Submitted by: Telesonic Packaging Corp.
Other contributors: Siemens Energy/Automation (Booth S-5424), Intralox (Booth C-4216)

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, L.P. asked Telesonic Packaging Corp to design a packaging system for a unique application, to bag a wide range of sizes of disposable air filters in a zippered polyethylene bag. The concept is to provide the consumer with the means to dispose of the expended filter in the re-closable bag. To benefit from the eight color graphics, the filter is inserted into a close fitting bag to be "trim sealed" in close proximity to the filter and avoid wrinkles which obviate the impact of the printed message. To achieve these requirements, Telesonic used Intralox series 900 belting to track the bagged product, without slip and deliver precisely to a horizontal sealing head.


Gump’s Perfume Box

Submitted by: CMC Packaging Group (Booth S-5928)

Gump’s Perfume Box is a slate-gray keepsake box that opens with silk cords to reveal rose-gold interior. The button was molded to deboss the Gump’s logo imprint.






PNY USB Flash Drive

Submitted by: Tegrant Corporation, Alloyd Brands (Booth C-1033)

PNY Technologies approached Alloyd Brands for a packaging solution that would reduce manufacturing costs and at the same time promote awareness to their sponsorship of the National Geographic Emerging Explorer Program. Alloyd Brands designed a new earth-friendly package that resulted in 70 percent less plastic and more environmentally sustainable materials than PNY's previous USB package. This new version reduced shipping materials by 10 percent, exchanged the PVC plastic packaging for a more eco-friendly PET, and set the bar for a multiple SKU standardized packaging program.



Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets

Submitted by: Robbie Flexibles (Booth S-5511)

Robbie was contacted to help The Dial Corporation create a colorful, high-clarity package that could be easily recognized on the shelf and would hold exact placement of their Purex® Complete 3-in-1™ Laundry Sheets color pallet and graphics. The difficulties lay in the innovative, irregular shape of the product; the many multiple images designed for prudent areas on the innovative package; and the ability to eliminate print distortion using a Polyolefin shrink film.  Printing on film and eliminating sleeves or labels gave Dial the ability to continue its sustainability concept by giving the consumer an all-in-one detergent, softener and anti-static product, in a convenient, refillable dispenser. 

Body Glove Water Filtration

Submitted by: Printpack, Inc. (Booth C-1508)

The Water Inc filters were designed to build the product line with as many environmental considerations as possible. The cartridges, tapered in design, makes a paper label difficult to wrap around the recyclable filter housing, therefore the printed full sleeve shrink label made from PLA film and converted by Printpack was the label of choice. The PLA film is compostable and recyclable.










Grape Ranch Frozen Rose

Submitted by: Ampac Flexibles (Booth S-5614)
Other contributors: PPI technologies(Booth C-2402)

The Grape Ranch Frozen Rose package is a stand-up pouch constructed of a multi-layer laminate film uniquely designed to contain alcoholic beverages and to withstand freezing and storage in below-freezing conditions. The product is distinctive in the frozen beverage mix category since it is offered in a recloseable, stand-up pouch. The Grape Ranch Frozen Rose packaging format and design brings differentiation and distinction in the category and significant convenience and ease-of-use for the consumer. The innovation is in tailoring a flexible, standup, reclosable pouch for a frozen, alcoholic beverage application.





Young & Smylie™ Licorice

Submitted by: Printpack Inc. (Booth C-1508)

The soft, natural look of the Young and Smylie™ Licorice pouch is created using a matte lacquer, a simple design, and small, well executed fonts. All of the fonts are kept exceptionally clean with the help of Extreme-E engraving. Extreme-E is a high resolution engraving method which utilizes a machine that can engrave as low as a 2 point font without compromising the copy integrity. Compared to conventional engraving, Extreme-E technology produces engraved cells via a series of cuts. The advantage to this technology is that the smooth edges of this kind of etching can keep the small copy very legible and clean, versus the normal houndstooth edge of conventional engravings.








Lloyd’s Barbeque Pork, Chicken and Beef

Submitted by: Airlite Plastics Co. (Booth S-5733)

Airlite Plastics Co. worked with Hormel to redesign primary packaging for their Lloyd's prepared barbeque meats. The primary innovation is the conversion to an IML (in-mold labeled) container and lid. The conversion allowed Lloyd's to eliminate the paperboard sleeve that was part of the original package as all dietary and product information was now directly on the container and lid. This correlates to significant sustainable benefits as the elimination of the throwaway sleeve saved 973 tons of paper, according to LLoyd's (see Lloyd's Barbeque web site for specific environmental impact information). Additionally the design of the container includes "stay cool" handles which makes it easier for the consumer to remove the heated container from the microwave.



T-Mobile Pay-As-You Go Cellular Phone

Submitted by: Tegrant Corporation, Alloyd Brands (Booth C-1033)

The T-Mobile pay-as-you-go cell phone is a true environmental breakthrough. Alloyd Brands was chosen to re-design and manufacture the packaging of their pay-as-you-go phone in response to a push from retailers to become more environmentally friendly. This change, inspired by their new recycled mobile phone concept, was able to yield a 45 percent reduction in plastic packaging, a 40 percent reduction in transport materials, and a 20 percent increase in productivity compared to the phone's previous package make-up.

 80 percent Renewable Barrier Forming Film for Perishable Goods

Submitted by: Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. (Booth S-5309)

Barrier packaging material made from over 80 percent renewable raw materials. This revolutionary laminate performs the same as conventional, oil based polymers. The package utilizes a plant based plastic forming web and lidding film. Packaging is available in breathable and high barrier materials. Applications include meat, cheese, pasta and prepared foods.

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