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Packaging Intelligence Brief

Briefs Highlighting Emerging Trends Affecting the Global Packaging Industry

From automation to sustainability and machinery to materials—the packaging industry is constantly evolving.  PMMI, the leading global resource for the packaging industry, presents the Packaging Intelligence Brief (PIB) series to help define and address trends currently shaping the future of packaging. 

View/Download PDF versions of the PIBs:

PMMI has released the Packaging Intelligence Briefs to keep industry professionals and media abreast of emerging trends that have an impact in the packaging industry.  Each Brief addresses a specific topic and outline how packaging machinery suppliers and manufacturers are, and should be, responding to market needs. 

“PMMI conducts a number of industry studies and surveys throughout the year to gauge the industry,” said Charles D. Yuska, president and CEO, PMMI.  “The Packaging Intelligence Briefs provide a practical way for PMMI to communicate what we see as the most significant trends that will most likely affect the industry.”

Packaging plays a critical role in our global economy. It is imperative to understand the trends and issues that are affecting the industry at all levels—from machine and materials to retailer and customer demands.  PMMI is making a concerted effort to educate and disseminate relevant information affecting the global packaging community. is a service of PMMI | Privacy Policy
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