Board of Directors

Tim Hudson

tim hudsonVice President & General Manager
ITW Hartness

I'm the vice president and general manager at ITW Hartness, and this is my first year serving on the board for PMMI. ITW Hartness specializes in accumulation, packing and palletizing secondary solutions. We also offer line integration and aftermarket IIOT digital services. Our goal is to maximize value for our customers in select markets, such as food, beverage, personal and household care. We deliver on that by providing unparalleled OEE services and quality.

How did you get your start in the industry?

Ironically, I got my start in the packaging and processing industry when I worked for Rockwell Automation, where I started my career. Many of the customers that I called on were members of PMMI. So from that aspect of things, it was an excellent opportunity for me to get exposure to customers in the CPG market space and suppliers.

How did you get involved with PMMI?

I got involved in PMMI by a gentleman that many of you all know from the PMMI history, Bern McPheely.  In discussions with Bern, one of the first things he talked to me about was my participation in PMMI and the need to do so. As a former chairman of the board, he explained all the ins and outs and the benefits associated with it. Through that, I got introduced to this network of outstanding professionals and people passionate about driving innovation in the packaging and processing industry.

What is your favorite PMMI event?

My favorite PMMI event, hands down, would be the PACK EXPOs. PACK EXPO allows interaction with key customers while also letting me see and share some of the latest and greatest innovations with the industry. The annual meeting is also a phenomenal opportunity to interact with peer organizations and ensure that we're advancing the cause of PMMI, once again, supporting our CPGs.

What are you looking forward to most about serving as a PMMI board member?

I'm looking forward to serving as a PMMI board member to provide thought leadership and engage with industry experts on best practices and thought process technologies from a vast array of different industries. Being on the board also provides maximum value for our customers by leveraging and working across the community of PMMI. I'm incredibly excited to be serving as a board member and be in this industry at this particular time. I believe it's in the middle of a significant transformation that will provide great benefit and value to the CPGs as we transform into a whole digital revolution.