PMMI Committees

Strategic Planning Committee


Emmanuel Cerf (2019)
Vice President of Sales
Polypack, Inc.


Mr. Dale Andersen (2022)
President & CEO
Delkor Systems, Inc.
Mr. Mark Anderson (2021)
President and CEO
ProMach, Inc.
Mr. Serge Berguig (2022)
President & CEO
PAC Machinery
Mr. Jeff Bigger (2021)
President & CEO
MASSMAN Automation Designs, LLC
Mr. Ed Howe (2019)
Enfield Technologies
Mr. Paul A Irvine (2019)
Plexpack Corp.
Mr. Matt Lerner (2020)
Executive Vice President
Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.
Mr. Dave Navin (2019)
President & CEO
Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc.
Viggo Nielsen (2020)
General Manager
Mettler Toledo
Bruno Oberle (2022)
General Manager
Bosch Packaging Technology / Kliklok-Woodman
Mr. Martin N Prakken (2021)
Owner & CEO
BluePrint Automation (BPA)
Mr. Ole B Rygh (2022)
President and CEO
Ryson International Inc.
Alan Shuhaibar (2020)
BellatRx Inc.
Glenn Siegele (2019)
Omega Design Corporation
Jonathon Titterton (2022)
CEO, Coesia North America & Mexico
Coesia Group
Mr. Mike Wagner (2022)
Global Sales Director
Rockwell Automation

Mission Statement

To explore and identify high level opportunities to ensure the long term viability of PMMI.