Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Committee


Emmanuel Cerf (2018)
Vice President of Sales
Polypack, Inc.


Mr. Dale Andersen (2018)
President & CEO
Delkor Systems, Inc.
Mr. Mark Anderson (2021)
President and CEO
ProMach, Inc.
Mr. Serge Berguig (2018)
President & CEO
PAC Machinery
Mr. Jeff Bigger (2021)
President & CEO
MASSMAN Automation Designs, LLC
Mr. Ed Howe (2019)
Enfield Technologies
Mr. Paul A Irvine (2019)
Plexpack Corp.
Mr. Mike Kachmer (2018)
President and CEO
Mr. Matt Lerner (2020)
Executive Vice President
Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.
Mr. Dave Navin (2019)
President & CEO
Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc.
Viggo Nielsen (2020)
General Manager
Mettler-Toledo Safeline
Mr. Martin N Prakken (2021)
Owner & CEO
BluePrint Automation (BPA)
Alan Shuhaibar (2020)
BellatRx Inc.
Glenn Siegele (2019)
Omega Design Corporation
Jonathon Titterton (2018)
Vice President Sales, North America Consumer Goods Machinery
Coesia Group

Mission Statement

To explore and identify high level opportunities to ensure the long term viability of PMMI.