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Pearson Packaging Systems Engages Students Through a Manufacturing Academy

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Pearson Packaging Systems, based in Spokane, Washington, was dealing with trades labor shortages in their community.


Through community partners, including Spokane Area Workforce Council and Greater Spokane Incorporated, Pearson Packaging Systems created a three-week manufacturing academy to highlight careers in manufacturing.  The students in the academy applied and interviewed to be selected. Academy participants worked in teams at a local high school to design, build, manufacture and sell a product. They also participated in community tours and workshops.


At the end of the academy, participants had scholarship opportunities and were paid $1,000 for their participation. This effort included working with several key manufacturers in Pearson Packaging System’s community, the local high schools, community colleges, Greater Spokane Incorporated and the local Workforce Development Council.

"It was rewarding to see the students engage so quickly with the principles being presented and demonstrated. They were involved in the conversation and connecting what they had learned earlier in the program with what we were sharing." – Dusty McQuary, Director of Engineering., Pearson Packaging Systems.

For more information about the program, click here.

What Can You Do:

The PMMI U Skills Fund supported Pearson Packaging System’s initiative, and any PMMI member can have these types of results for your company.

Created by PMMI, the PMMI U Skills Fund is a resource intended to help you form meaningful partnerships with regional two- to four-year colleges, universities and/or technical/vocational schools, as well as other educational programs in your area.

The PMMI U Skills Fund will match your company’s contributions up to $50,000 per year to fund regional education programs of your choice.

Whether you partner with a school to help strengthen an industry-related program, join forces with a STEM summer camp, coordinate a group of students to bring to PACK EXPO or choose to invest in the future workforce in multiple ways throughout the year, the PMMI U Skills Fund is here to assist you with the financial obligations that come from these types of initiatives.

For more information and to apply, contact Kate Fiorianti, senior manager, workforce development, PMMI at [email protected] or 571.266.4406.