PMMI Podcast

Episode #32 - How Amcor Prepared as Regions Reopen

Guest: Jim Keith, Vice President, Amcor

As states in the U.S. and countries overseas begin to slowly reopen, Amcor continues to deal with the constantly evolving state of worldwide business. Amcor’s Vice President Jim Keith who leads global strategies related to health, safety and environmental affairs for the company’s 35,000+ global employees, joins UnPACKed with PMMI to offer best practices for strategically opening business at home and abroad. 


Vice President

Jim Keith
Jim Keith

Jim Keith is Vice President, Safety at Amcor Flexible Packaging. He is responsible for Workplace Safety and Environmental Affairs for 195 facilities and more than 50,000 employees worldwide.  Prior to joining Amcor, Jim held leadership roles with large manufacturing companies including the TreeHouse Foods, Valspar Corporation, General Electric and Abbott.  He is recognized as an expert in practical application of Safety Systems and Enterprise Risk Management methodologies.  Throughout his career, Jim has developed a reputation as a valued business partner in driving risk mitigation and cost avoidance in chemical, pharma, healthcare and food industries.  Jim is a graduate of Illinois State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety, and currently serves on the ISU Safety Program Advisory Board. Additionally, he is a member of various professional associations including ASSP, NSC and RIMS.