PMMI Podcast

The Future of AI: Turning Fears into Frontiers

Guest: Tom Morrison, CEO of Metal Treating Institute Management

In this episode we dive into the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) with Tom Morrison. We address common fears like job loss and the potential for misuse while encouraging companies to adopt AI to help shape a better future. Morrison says AI isn't about cutting jobs but about improving efficiency and expanding what we can do. 


Tom Morrison

Tom Morrison

Tom Morrison is a 1990 graduate of Florida State University with a B.S. in Finance. He began his career in association management in 1995 as an Executive Vice President, hired to assume the role of CEO of the Florida Automotive Industry Association.

In late 2005, Tom was hired by the Metal Treating Institute as Executive Vice President, to assume the role of CEO of management in 2008. Tom has been instrumental in helping MTI drive growth in their member value proposition, trade show, annual conferences, online technical training, and use of technology throughout the organization.  Through Tom’s leadership, MTI’s net worth has grown over 1,500% since 2006.

Tom is active in the Florida Society of Association Executives, Council of Manufacturing Executives, and American Society of Association Executives. In 2012, due to peer recognition of Tom’s professionalism, business innovation, and passion, he was named the FSAE Association Executive of the Year. 

On numerous occasions Tom has been published in national publications, including FSAE's Source Magazine and ASAE's Associations Now, and most recently recognized as a case study in the book, The Art of Membership, by Sheri Jacobs.

In addition to running a full-time association, Tom has become a nationally sought after speaker on the new UBERIZATION economy, associations maximizing value and engagement, and indivi