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You’ll hear from industry influencers, executive Q&As, case studies and more as we dive into your most pressing business challenges in real-time – including how PMMI and its members are addressing the COVID-19 crisis. In a special series, OEMs offer their guidance around managing business operations, how packaging is playing a vital role in helping society through these unfamiliar times, and best practices for keeping the industry strong and connected.

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Episode #36 - Hershey Reveals Expectations for Suppliers during COVID-19

Guest: Josh Becker, Senior Manager, Packaging Systems, The Hershey Company

As someone who has been on the road during the COVID-19 pandemic, Josh Becker, senior manager, packaging systems, The Hershey Company, joins the UnPACKed with PMMI podcast to share the customer perspective on how Hershey has been handling visits from suppliers, training and service issues during this time. As an essential business that remained open though out the pandemic, Becker also offers some best practices Hershey has learned throughout the past three months.

Episode #35 - Update on PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO

Guest: Laura Thompson, Vice President, Trade Shows, PMMI

Nothing brings our industry together like PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO. In this episode of UnPACKED with PMMI Laura Thompson, VP, Trade Shows at PMMI provides an update on the status of November’s show, and why it is more important than ever for exhibitors and attendees to take advantage of the connections and opportunity it provides.

Episode #34 - Maintaining Sales Relationships During & After COVID-19

Guest: Matt Neuberger, President and CEO, Neuberger & Company

Matt Neuberger, President and CEO of Neuberger & Company, shares his insights on adapting to meet customer needs while maintaining empathy during a time when many salespeople aren’t even sure what the right time is to reach out to customers. Hear tips on revamping professional selling virtually in order to reach customers flexibly during these changing times.

Episode #33 - Adapting Industry Training During COVID-19

Guest: Nancy Cobb, Owner, Organizational Development Consultant, Partners in Possibilities

During this time, typical industry training has had to adapt to fit new safety guidelines. In this UnPACKed with PMMI podcast episode, Nancy Cobb, President and owner of Partners in Possibilities, Inc. and PMMI Certified Training Instructor explains what is happening now in training and how members and their customers can expect to experience trainings as they prepare for states and countries to slowly emerge from the pandemic.

Episode #32 - How Amcor Prepared as Regions Reopen

Guest: Jim Keith, Vice President, Amcor

As states in the U.S. and countries overseas begin to slowly reopen, Amcor continues to deal with the constantly evolving state of worldwide business. Amcor’s Vice President Jim Keith who leads global strategies related to health, safety and environmental affairs for the company’s 35,000+ global employees, joins UnPACKed with PMMI to offer best practices for strategically opening business at home and abroad. 

Episode #31 - State of the Industry: Promising Times Ahead Amidst COVID-19

Guest: Jorge Izquierdo, Vice President of Market Development, PMMI

From the earliest days of the pandemic, PMMI’s Vice President of Market Development, Jorge Izquierdo and his team have kept tabs on the industry with weekly pulse surveys, monthly purchasing indexes and most recently, provided guidance on the economic future via webinars. PMMI’s data reveals that while times may be challenging at the moment, the situation is manageable for your business and the future holds promise for the packaging and processing industry. Join Jorge to hear the latest on the State of the Industry during COVID-19.

Episode #30 - Culture Eases NCC’s COVID-19 Response

Guest: Kevin Mauger, President, NCC Automated Systems

During a time shrouded in negativity, Kevin Mauger joins the UnPACKed with PMMI podcast to share how the culture he has created as president of NCC is carrying the company through this once-in-a-lifetime situation. Rather than focusing on the obvious issues the world is facing, he shines a light on the collective will of our industry to come together and push through.

Episode #29 - How Contract Manufacturing is Impacted by COVID-19

Guest: Ron Puvak, Managing Director, CPA

Typically a segment of the industry that is built around adapting and evolving through changing conditions, UnPACKed with PMMI sat down with The Association for Contract Packagers and Manufacturers managing director Ron Puvak to see how CPA and its members are navigating the current climate.

Episode #28 - How Delkor Systems, Inc. is Handling Human Resources Issues During COVID-19

Guest: Patty Andersen, Vice President of Human Resources & After Market Services, Delkor Systems, Inc.

Patty Andersen, vice president of Human Resources & After Market Services for Delkor Systems, Inc. and PMMI’s vice chair, joins the UnPACKed with PMMI podcast to speak on her company’s efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of staff, how they have reassured employees that they have their best interests at heart and how other HR representatives can secure aid via the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. In fact, as a major supplier to the food supply chain, Delkor is looking to add more workers to keep up with increasing demand.

Episode #27 - Handling Evolving Human Resources Issues During COVID-19

Guest: David Parker, Vice President of Human Resources, Duravant

Keeping business operations running smoothly and efficiently during COVID-19 is a priority in manufacturing – but just as important (and perhaps not as frequently discussed) are human resources issues. Answers to hot button topics like employee fears on financial stability and health and safety differ based on state and even federal guidance. David Parker, vice president, Human Resources, Duravant, joins UnPACKed with PMMI to offer direction to the industry on ways companies are handling human resources in the time of coronavirus.