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Designing Tomorrow: The Circular Economy's Role in Sustainable Packaging

Speaker: Tim Grant, director and founder, Lifecycles

On this episode where we delve into the circular economy's role in sustainable packaging with our guest, Tim Grant. As director at Lifecycles, Grant sheds light on the importance of integrating economic considerations into environmental strategies, highlighting how the circular economy offers a more accessible framework for both industry and government. We navigate through the complexities of sustainability metrics, discussing the balance between reducing material use and promoting recyclability. Join us as we unpack the challenges and opportunities in aligning sustainability goals across global supply chains, driven by both consumer demands and the pivotal role of multinational corporations.

Navigating Global Trends

Guest: Jorge Izquierdo, VP, Market Development

In this episode, Jorge Izquierdo, vice president of market development for PMMI joins us for a deep dive into PMMI's latest reports on the world packaging machinery market and the guide to global markets which  provide invaluable insights into market sizes, growth expectations, and detailed analyses of the packaging machinery import landscape. Tune in to hear not just numbers, but narratives that drive international market strategies. We'll explore the significance of sustainability, the digital revolution with Industry 4.0, and labor dynamics affecting the packaging industry.

Shifting Gears in Sales: Embracing the New Buyer Journey in Packaging

Guest: Matt Neuberger, President/CEO, Neuberger & Company, Inc.,

In this latest episode we dive into a discussion with sales expert Matt Neuberger about evolving sales trends particular to the packaging industry. Matt highlights a paradigm shift where buyers now favor a "sales rep free" experience, preferring to research and make decisions independently. As a result, he emphasizes the importance of sales reps becoming thought leaders who offer valuable insights into business improvement, rather than focusing on technical specifications. Matt also shares strategies to increase sales close rates, the common pitfalls in sales approaches, and the power of understanding and addressing the real pain points of clients. Tune in to discover actionable sales techniques and to understand the subtleties of buyer-seller dynamics in today's market.

Emerging Trends in Pharma Packaging: AI's Rise and Machinery Advances at PACK EXPO East

Guest: Rebecca Marquez, Director, Custom Research

In this episode we delve into the current and emerging trends within the pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry, with a special focus on AI's impact and the shift towards more reliable machinery. See the latest in pharmaceutical packaging machinery live and up-close at PACK EXPO East this March. 

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Discover the Future of Automation at PACK EXPO East

Guest: Tom Egan, VP, Industry Services, PMMI

In this episode, we explore the booming trends in packaging and processing automation – from insightful industry reports to the cutting-edge technologies embraced by CPG companies. Get a sneak peek into what PACK EXPO East has to offer, where attendees can explore the latest in automation capabilities, and attend educational sessions right on the show floor. 

The Digital Shift: How Remote Trends are Revolutionizing the Industry

Guest: George Blunt, Consulting Analyst, Interact Analysis 

This episode explores the dynamic world of remote services in the packaging and processing industry with guest George Blunt. We dive into the insights from PMMI's latest white paper, "2024 Trends in Remote Services and Monitoring," covering virtual factory acceptance tests, remote support, training, and predictive maintenance. We discover the driving forces behind the adoption of remote services, including reducing machine downtime, optimizing performance, and speeding up support and gain a glimpse into the future of remote services, with a focus on addressing the industry's skills gap and leveraging technologies like augmented reality.

Episode #143 - Sealing the Deal: Unwrapping the Art of Negotiation

Guests: Angela Hall, Associate Professor, Michigan State University and Joyce Longfield, Principal of HPP applications, Good Foods Group

In this episode we delve into the crucial topic of negotiation. Negotiation is a skill that holds significant importance in career development, yet it's not always innate for many individuals. The question we're exploring today is: Can negotiation be learned? Joining the pod is Angela Hall, an expert in negotiation skills development and Joyce Longfield – Principal of HPP applications, Good Foods Group and member of PPWLN. The pair are here to shed light on the art of negotiation, offering insights and strategies that can empower individuals to enhance their negotiation skills and navigate various career scenarios successfully. 

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Episode #142 - Machinery, Mindset & Marketing for Unprecedented Growth

Guest: Ed Marsh, Founder & Principal, Consilium Global Business Advisors

Strategy and growth consultant Ed Marsh shares his theory about how machinery manufacturers can tap into a secret weapon they have already set the groundwork for: mindset and capability. Ed explains how manufacturers can use their tools and processes on the production side to improve their marketing side. Listen in as Sean and Ed dive into his strategy, how it can be implemented with a smooth transition, and why sometimes risks need to be taken.

Episode #141 - Decoding ESG and its Impact on Business Dynamics

Guest: Tracy Taszarek, Consultant at Antea Group USA

Tracy Taszarek joins the podcast to demystify ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices. Tracy breaks down the core components of ESG, outlines seven key steps for implementation, and discusses its impact on packaging and processing OEMs. This episode delves into the increasing prominence of ESG, fueled by heightened stakeholder involvement and the preferences of younger generations. Tune in as Sean and Tracy succinctly explore how ESG is reshaping business dynamics.

Episode #140 - Insights and Strategies for a Resilient Workforce

Guest: Alex Chausovsky, Director of Analytics and Consulting, Bundy Group

Labor market expert, Alex Chausovsky joins the pod for a deep dive into the complexities of the current job landscape, discussing the surprising resilience of the job market in 2023, dispelling myths about manufacturing and job trends. Chausovsky unveils key talent attraction strategies, introducing the CLAMPS approach to cater to individual candidate priorities and in a revealing insight, Chausovsky identifies compensation levels as the primary driver of turnover, urging companies to adopt data-driven strategies. Tune in now!