International Research

In an effort to highlight the key competencies required to compete in this new scenario, Indo-Bras was retained by PMMI to conduct interviews with several leading foreign and domestic packaging machinery suppliers. The following report seeks to outline the competitive strategies deployed by these suppliers along with their perspective on what it takes to succeed in Brazil. These findings and guidelines have been compiled in a framework of six critical competitive benchmarking parameters, including: geo-political & macro-economic, cultural, customization, financial, local presence and machinery factors. Each of the categories are explained in detail in section 4.3 of the report, and are largely derived from OEM interviews (section 5) where we also include our recommendations and summary analysis. Thus, the goal of this report is to determine through interviews with OEMs from different countries what accounts for this disconnect between perception and market share. Indo Bras has tried to enumerate the principal factors as an analysis derived from this exercise. These factors are summarized below and addressed in more detail throughout the report. 

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