International Research

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) consists of six countries; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. They are culturally similar, face common challenges and share a commitment to helping each other grow via common agreements. As the KSA and UAE are largest in size and have the fastest growing consumer economies, thus this report will provide a market assessment for packaging and processing machinery manufacturers in the KSA and UAE.
The report covers all three categories of processing and packaging machinery - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary – involved in filling, capping, sealing, wrapping, labelling, palletizing and de-palletizing products across the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Via Internet searches and multiple phone calls, Focus M Consulting was able to find the email addresses of key decision-makers involved in purchasing new machinery. All the companies contacted and followed up with can be found in our LONG LIST and the companies that we met with are listed in the SHORT LIST, which includes profiles of each company accompanied by the interview details. The key decisions-makers we sought to interview regarded issues such as machinery used, and financial information like turnover and budgets marked for new machinery as secretive. All the information was gathered during personal interviews conducted between company managers and Focus M principal consultants.
Nevertheless, we were able to gather valuable qualitative information on how to effectively market and sell in these future high growth markets where end-users regard quality technology and reliability as more important than price.

The companies participating in the study are found in the short list, the ones who didn’t, in the long list. Together they provide a list of end-user industry manufacturers that are potential customers for PMMI members.