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Oakland Schools' Career Focused Education delivers education with purpose, providing students opportunities as unique as they are. Meaningful, experience-driven learning provides assistance in exploring personal direction and preparation to excel in the real world after graduation -- whether that entails heading to college, starting a career, or pursuing additional inudstry specific training.

Engineering and Emerging Technologies - Mechatronics is offered at all campus locations.

  • Inventing, building, and creatively solving the needs and demands of a technologically advancing world
  • Designing and building powerful robotic, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems
  • Solving complex engineering and design challenges using CAD, CAM, and CNC technologies.

This school aligns with the following PMMI Mechatronics Certifications:

  • Fluid Power
  • Industrial Electricity 1
  • Mechanical Components 1
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) 1
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School Information

Demetruis Wilson
1371 North Perry Street
PontiacMI 48340
United States