Mechatronics Certifications

Mechatronics Apprenticeship Guidelines

PMMI, the Industrial Maintenance Training Center of North America (IMTC), in cooperation with the Employment and Training Administration of the DOL, have created National Apprenticeship guidelines for the occupation of “mechatronics technician.”  Unlike typical, time-based apprenticeships, the competency-based mechatronics apprenticeship program is structured around achieving competency in specific skills.

This apprenticeship program is based on the PMMI Mechatronics certification tests which are nationally portable, industry-accepted, third-party credentials endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers’ Skills Certification System.  Employers can use the new apprenticeship guidelines as part of a formal, DOL-registered apprenticeship program or as a structure for their internal programs.


For questions on creating a DOL-registered apprentice program for your organization, please contact:

Name: Felecia Hart
Title: Team Leader
Company: Division of Standards and National Industry Promotion
Phone: (202)693-3792