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Samantha Goetz

Three Simple Behaviors to Jumpstart Better Workplace Communications

Published on July 16, 2019

Leading a cross-functional team? Working on a high-visibility project? Finding yourself surrounded by new employees?  We’ve all been there.  As a leader, it is how you handle yourself and support your peers in these situations that really makes a difference.

Comfort Zone

Want to grow in your career… in your life? Move Outside Your Comfort Zone

Published on June 10, 2019

While scrolling through my LinkedIn and Instagram feeds a while ago, I came across this great image. I can’t remember from where it originated – but it spoke to me. Who doesn’t like being comfortable? That’s what most of us strive for: a cozy home to go to at the end of the day; a way to reduce stress in the workplace; an anxiety-free life.


10 Things the Next Generation Needs to Know About Careers in the Packaging Industry

Published on May 6, 2019

As an older Millennial from the Midwest, a career in packaging never crossed my mind until I pretty much fell into it. I ended up in the industry entirely by accident. Anecdotally, many of my coworkers report the same thing. So why isn’t packaging considered as a first-choice career path, especially among the younger generation?


Career Opportunities in Packaging

Published on April 22, 2019

Since joining the packaging industry in 2007, I’ve learned much about packaging processes, materials, markets, machinery and people. What is most interesting about this industry is that there are career paths for everyone, no matter what their interests and goals are. Fortunately, this multi-billion-dollar field is expected to keep growing, so multiple opportunities abound.