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More Women Cracking The Auto Industry's Glass Ceiling With Skills, Thick Skin


When Mary Barra was appointed General Motors Corp. CEO in 2013 shards of the proverbial glass ceiling fell on the automotive industry and cracked open the window to advancement for women in an industry dominated by men.

Six years later, Ginger Butz and Florence Acuna are prime examples of how much Barra’s appointment helped change the auto industry’s otherwise turgid culture, opening an increasing number of opportunities for women to take on leadership positions.

Ginger Butz is Director, Lifecycle Management at Woodridge, Ill.-based automotive supplier Morey Corp. It’s a big job. She’s in charge of their Caterpillar and telematics business segments, explaining “I run the business from the quote process to shipping the product out the door and everything in between.”

Butz has been at Morey for three years and in her position for two, but spent 23 years in the telecommunications business starting from the bottom and working her way up in various departments, soaking up as much knowledge as she could.

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Ed Garsten