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PMMI ExportEXPERTS Program Inquiry Form

PMMI’s ExportEXPERTS Program is a great way to get your toughest export questions answered. The program consists of a group of experienced consultants and PMMI exporters who have volunteered to offer FREE counseling and advice to fellow members that haven’t exported but are considering it, or have ‘some’ exporting experience but would like to improve or learn more.

If you are looking to engage a PMMI ExportEXPERT, please complete the inquiry form below. A PMMI staff member will review your submission and relay your question to an appropriate export mentor.

Note: this service is for PMMI members only.

Interested in becoming an ExportEXPERT?

For more information on becoming an ExportEXPERT or on this program, please contact:

Name: Andrea Admana
Title: Market Development Coordinator
Phone: 571.287.6817
Email: [email protected]