Mechatronics Certifications

PMMI Mechatronics Certifications


About the PMMI Mechatronics Program

The PMMI Mechatronics program helps move manufacturing forward by providing employers, schools and potential workers the tools needed to advance the workforce and close the ever expanding skills gap.

Through a series of tests based on industry-developed skill standards, the PMMI Mechatronics Certification program:

  • Helps employers assess workers for core skills
  • Guides schools in developing curriculum to prepare students for the manufacturing workforce
  • Provides a career pathway for students looking for rewarding careers in advanced manufacturing

Our certification tests are based on industry-developed standards and are recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Manufacturing Institute’s Skills Certification System. We work with a growing number of PMMI Mechatronics Education and Industry Partners to further advance this program. 

More Information

Mechatronics is the synergistic application of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, controls engineering, and computer science to build and maintain high-tech equipment.

Employers today need multi-skilled workers to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot equipment on the plant floor. To achieve this, workers require mechatronics skills. PMMI’s online Mechatronics Certification tests benefit both employers and the workforce.

  • Industrial maintenance technicians
  • Maintenance mechanics
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair workers
  • Production technicians
  • Military personnel transitioning into careers in the civilian workforce

These certifications help employers identify qualified skilled workers.  Employers can use the certification test as a hiring tool or as an evaluation tool to identify and address knowledge gaps in their existing workforce.


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