PMMI ProSource

PMMI ProSource is the most reliable and complete online directory of packaging and processing technology suppliers in North America. Designed from the buyer’s perspective, our streamlined digital tool connects packaging and processing buyers to the machinery, materials and services you sell quickly, driving them to your site from ours.

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PMMI ProSource harnesses search engine traffic for customers searching for your product category, driving traffic back to your website and making it easier for new customers to find you.

The directory’s search and filter tools will help buyers narrow focus and find the solutions you offer more easily. Visual search results will help end users determine suppliers of interest quickly.

Note: We listened to the industry. Designed based on direct input from customers, the functionality of PMMI ProSource ensures the best user experience and encourages consistent usage of the site.  

PMMI ProSource is a brand new kind of directory for PMMI, being built from the ground up.

PMMI’s directory categories have been completely revamped and updated for the new platform, based on input from end user experts in packaging. For buyers, standardized categories make it easier and less confusing to find the machinery, materials and supplies they need. Plain-language filters and graphic features will make it easy for novice users who may not be well-versed in the packaging technology terms to find what they need.

Our new category curation and supplier validation process will help customers cut through the clutter, so that irrelevant suppliers from other categories do not appear alongside your listings, facilitating a more user-friendly experience for connection with your machinery buyers.

1. Before you start, be sure to grab someone at your company who has technical or strong product knowledge.

2. Visit together to see which categories apply to your company.

3. When you’re ready to start filling out your profile, have that same person with you. Log into

4. Your username is your email address. Because your password may have expired, click “forgot your password” to finish setting up your account.

5. Go to for instructions on filling out your profile or watch the five-minute how-to video below. If you need further assistance reach out to [email protected].




Link Booster Program
Do you want to give your company an edge in PMMI ProSource? Simply link to any ProSource article and we’ll add a link to your profile at the bottom of that article. Here’s what you can do:

1. First make sure you have filled out your ProSource listing with all your categories
Have your designated ProSource contact visit and log in. Have your product expert at your side while filling out the form--goes much faster! Don’t forget to submit for approval.

prosource step 1

2. Pick out an article to link to on ProSource.

Visit and scroll down until you see the categories on the right-hand side. Click on a category that pertains to your company. Locate any article that you want to link to--presumably one that best suits your company and products.

prosource step 2

3. Create the link on your website to the ProSource article.

Create a link on your site. Click the button to download our logo suite for any branding. You may use one of the badges to link directly to your company profile on ProSource as well.

prosource step 3

Download Logos

4. Tell us you linked to ProSource.

After you link to our site, tell us you did by sending your URL to [email protected]. In exchange, we will add your company at the end of the article and link to your profile from that article. When visitors arrive on the article page from a Google search, your company will have an added edge.

prosource step 4


• All links are first-come, first-served.

• We cannot link reciprocally back to your website, as that neutralizes the SEO benefit for both parties.