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Quickie Surveys, a complimentary service, are short 3-5 minute, snapshot surveys that PMMI offers as an exclusive member benefit providing members with a high-level overview of industry best practices. All PMMI members can request to have a quickie survey conducted on their behalf. Depending on the number of surveys requested by members, final results of the survey could take 6-8 weeks from start to finish. Topics surveyed in the past range from best practices on service rates, benefits, accounting methods, online marketing and a variety of other topics that are relevant to our entire membership.  These resources are available only to PMMI Members.

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All PMMI member companies are welcome to request quickie surveys to be conducted on their behalf. 

How To Use Quickie Surveys

This short video explains how, as a PMMI member, you can use a PMMI Quickie Survey to inform important business decisions.


For questions, please contact:

Name: Rebecca Marquez
Title: Director, Custom Research
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 571.612.3205