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End of Line Equipment

The End-of-Line (EoL) White Paper provides a comprehensive view of the developments shaping the EoL space. The white paper will review the current size and future growth of the EoL equipment market, explore the prominent trends directly affecting EoL operations, and delve into EoL machine attributes and services most desired by end users. For OEMs and suppliers, the EoL White Paper will be a valuable tool for understanding how to position their EoL equipment and services in a competitive and growing market.

The rise in e-commerce, the demand for packaging variability and changing company and government policies are just a few of the drivers contributing to the expansion of contract packaging and contract manufacturing.

The global pet food market is expected to grow at more than five percent annually for the next five years. Find out what’s driving that growth and take a dive into the latest PMMI Business Intelligence report, Trends and Drivers Impacting the Pet Food Industry.

The Power of PMMI Business Intelligence

It's critical for PMMI members to understand competitiveness in the packaging machinery market at all levels, from domestic to global. PMMI makes this possible by providing actionable intelligence such as industry trends, benchmarking, economic reports and other research through an extensive Business Intelligence Program.