PMMI Podcast

Episode #120 - Embracing Circularity with Thermoforms

Guest: Zach Muscato, Corporate Sustainability Manager, Plastic Ingenuity

Circularity is an important aspect of sustainability, aiming to keep materials and resources in use through multiple cycles. While thermoforms can be recycled, the current recycling rates are relatively low, presenting an opportunity for improvement. Zach Muscato explains how incorporating more post-consumer recycled (PCR) content is crucial, but requires increased demand and consumer education. He adds that accessible and equitable recycling systems and building trust in the recycling process are also important for improving sustainability efforts.


Zach Muscato

Zach Muscato
Zach Muscato

Zach Muscato is the Corporate Sustainability Manager for Plastic Ingenuity, a leading custom thermoformer based in Madison, Wisconsin, where he is responsible for helping packaging professionals realize their sustainability goals. Zach has dedicated his 20-year career to the thermoformed packaging industry with roles ranging from product development to commercial sales.Zach Muscato