PMMI Podcast

Episode #17 - Safety First: All Things Risk Assessment

Guest: Bruce Main, Safety Expert and Technical Advisor, PMMI

Risk assessment analysis looks to identify hazards associated with machinery or equipment in order to develop risk reduction measures. Hear in-depth details on machinery safety techniques, steps in the risk assessment process and the B155.1 safety standard from PMMI’s in house safety expert and technical advisor, Bruce Main.


Bruce Main

Bruce Main
Bruce Main

Bruce W. Main, PE CSP, is the president of design safety engineering, inc.  Mr. Main holds mechanical engineering degrees from MIT and the University of Michigan, and an MBA also from the University of Michigan.  He is a member and/or chair of several national and international industry committees on risk assessment and safety of machinery including ANSI B11.0 and ISO 12100.  He is also the primary representative to the B11 Committee on behalf The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI).

Mr. Main is a member of several professional engineering and safety organizations having authored numerous articles, papers, and books.

Risk Assessment