PMMI Podcast

Episode #23 - How Polypack, Inc. and Garvey Corporation are Navigating COVID-19

Guests: Emmanuel Cerf, Vice President, Polypack, Inc. and Jake Garvey, Director of OEM Sales, Garvey Corporation

With the industry and society a bit unstable right now, PMMI is using whatever channels available to help everyone through these uncertain times – and in the next episode of our special UnPACKed with PMMI series, Vice President of Polypack, Inc. Emmanuel Cerf and Director of OEM Sales at Garvey Corporation, Jake Garvey, share how their organizations are forging ahead after employing the proper caution during the COVID-19 crisis.


Emmanuel Cerf

Emmanuel Cerf
Emmanuel Cerf

As the Vice President for Polypack, Inc., Emmanuel Cerf inspires his team to drive global sales, increase overall market share, and implement the strategic planning that defines Polypack as a leader in innovation and customer satisfaction. By developing an international network of sales teams and service providers, Emmanuel has established Polypack as a premier global manufacturer with sales in over 100 countries. After serving on the PMMI Board of Directors for over eight years, Emmanuel now serves as chair, helping the world’s most successful packaging and processing association, with close to 1,000 members, establish a large international footprint.