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Episode #44 - Keeping Food Processing Safe During COVID-19

Guest: Joyce Fassl, Editor-in-Chief, ProFood World 

As someone who has covered the food and beverage industry for over 30 years, editor-in-chief of ProFood World magazine Joyce Fassl was our obvious first stop to help us sort through the COVID-19 clutter and news, and tell us what’s really going on with food processing during the pandemic. Are they safe? Are they all shutting down because of virus spread? What are the plants doing to keep our workers and our food supply safe?


Joyce Fassl

Joyce Fassl

Editor-in-Chief Joyce Fassl is a well-known and respected journalist in the food and beverage field, where she has spent most of her 30+ year career. Before joining ProFood World in 2016 as Editor in Chief, she was Editor in Chief of Food Engineering magazine for more than a decade. Joyce was also instrumental in the success of the Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference. Her expertise is in creating dynamic print and online content, building top-notch editorial teams, curating conference programs and hosting live events. Joyce holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Penn State University.

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