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Episode #51 - Where’s My Vaccine?

Guest: Keren Sookne, Director of Editorial Content, Healthcare Packaging

The COVID-19 vaccine is the latest example of just how important packaging and processing are to society at large. Once developed, processed and packaged, the vaccine needed distribution along the very supply chains established and maintained by our industry players. Keren Sookne, director of editorial content, Healthcare Packaging Magazine, takes us through all of the big picture items around the ground-breaking vaccine and offers examples — good and bad — on how to get it in the hands of the front-line workers to administer to an anxious public. She also addresses distribution here in the U.S. and when more versions will hit the market for deployment.

**Since recording the podcast, news was released that the HHS changed its explanation about its confidence in vaccine supply for second doses, and acknowledged that they cannot anticipate a large supply of second doses will be ready in the expected time frame—three weeks later (for Pfizer) and four weeks (for Moderna).

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Keren Sookne

Keren Sookne
Keren Sookne

Keren Sookne, Director of Editorial Content at Healthcare Packaging, covers a wide variety of healthcare topics, regularly reporting on innovation in packaging, logistics and serialization. She holds a chemical engineering degree from UC Santa Barbara and has in-depth process knowledge from years of experience as a manufacturing engineer in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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