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Episode #55 - Avoiding Costly Downtime with Predictive Maintenance

Guests: Adrian Lloyd, CEO, Interact Analysis and Blake Griffin, Senior Market Analyst, Interact Analysis

The term predictive maintenance has been widely used in recent years although there is no agreed industry-wide definition. The result is that some in the industry may dismiss the concept as a buzzword, thereby missing out on an emerging technology that has the potential to be disruptive. Adrian Lloyd and Blake Griffin from Interact Analysis come on the podcast to discuss their research that led to PMMI Business Intelligence’s Predictive Maintenance White Paper. The pair examine how they see implementation of predictive maintenance technologies playing out in two different parts of the plant and how these trends will merge over time.


Adrian Lloyd

Adrian Lloyd
Adrian Lloyd

Adrian has been actively involved in technology market intelligence for more than 20 years. As part of the leadership team at IMS Research, a highly renowned information provider acquired by IHS Markit Inc. in 2012, Adrian led research practices on a wide range of topics from industrial automation to semiconductors.

Subsequently, Adrian spent close to five years as Senior Director of Research Operations for IHS Markit’s Technology, Media & Telecom business line, with responsibility for developing its broader strategy and acquisition focus. During this time, Adrian was exposed to a broad array of analytical techniques covering the entire spectrum of technology market intelligence. This insight enabled him to bring a unique perspective to Interact Analysis, ensuring the company can achieve its aim of providing best-in-class intelligence.

Since founding Interact Analysis, Adrian continues to lead the company’s global strategy and US operations. One of his primary research areas is industrial automation having started analyzing this industry over 20 years ago, and is now one of our Research Directors responsible for this topic.

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin

Blake is a Senior Market Analyst at Interact Analysis where he has conducted research into markets pertaining to factory automation since 2017. Blake’s recent focus has been on the topic of predictive maintenance, an area where he has carved out expertise on the technology’s use within motor driven systems. Blake has had the opportunity to have over 75+ hours of conversations with suppliers and users of this technology. As a result, he has formed a solid understanding of this very nuanced topic.

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