PMMI Podcast

Episode #78 - Don’t be the Reason your Company is Attacked

Guest: Ben Spencer, IT Manager, PMMI

Small and medium-sized manufacturing operations are now the companies that hackers and bad actors target the most as the stressed supply chain can become wholly unhinged with a few mouse clicks. Obviously, the events unfolding in Ukraine only add to the concern for IT and OT professionals. In this episode of unPACKed with PMMI, IT Manager Ben Spencer explains how more often than not, employees prove to be a weak point in cybersecurity prevention plans. Are you prepared? Are your colleagues prepared? Find out as we dive into the keys for success for end-user security awareness. 


Ben Spencer

Ben Spencer
Ben Spencer

Ben Spencer is an IT Manager at PMMI. He has been with PMMI since 2017. In his role, he is responsible for the delivery of PMMI’s full suite of IT services, including all technology tools and application, support processes, and vendor relationships. Cybersecurity is also at the top of his responsibilities, focusing specifically on security awareness training and end user education, developing security policies and system controls, and incident management and response.

Ben will be presenting at the Forum on Tuesday, March 22nd at 1:30 in booth 1026. Stop by and enjoy a great session!