PMMI Podcast

Episode #90 - An Automated Future

Guest: Donna Ritson, President, DDR Communications

The future is now for cobots and robots in packaging and processing. Donna Ritson, president, DDR Communications takes a closer look at The Robot and Cobot Report from the PMMI Business Intelligence Committee. Ritson explores how robots and cobots are being utilized in manufacturing, where deployment has increased in packaging and processing and what more industry professionals need to further advance usage.


Donna Ritson

Donna Ritson
Donna Ritson

President of DDR Communications, Donna Ritson founded the company 30 years ago. DDR's business is based on a direct response methodology that delivers market research, business development, strategic alliance and actionable market intelligence for companies in virtually every B2B industry. DDR's experience is backed by over 40 years in marketing communications.

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