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Chairman’s Corner December Report

Paul Irvine, CEO of Plexpack Corp and the Chairman of PMMI’s Board of Directors

I was a Fraternity president in 1981. A Fiji “legacy” of my father who was the master of ceremonies for their Toronto based “grand meeting” that year (the 146th annual “ecclesia”). In his opening remark to a crowd of about 1500…

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Chairman's Corner November Board Report

Board Report from the Annual Meeting

Paul Irvine, chairman of PMMI’s board of directors and CEO of Plexpack.

Earlier this month we wrapped up our 2017 Annual Meeting in Richmond, Virginia. For those who weren’t able to make it, here are just a few pieces of business we announced after our Board…

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PMMI Member Going Extra Mile to Help Puerto Rico

Merely weeks into dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in his own Odessa, Florida backyard, Pharmaworks President Peter Buczynsky saw the devastation in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria and immediately set out to deliver aid to the battered island. Utilizing his many contacts from years of missionary…

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PACK EXPO Las Vegas Closes Year for the Ages

A quick look ahead to 2018’s slate of shows.

Ole Rygh, PMMI Board of Directors, Chairman of PMMI Show Committee, President of Ryson International, Inc.

PACK EXPO Las Vegas brought to a close the most ambitious trade show year in the long history of PMMI. I am happy to say that was the largest PACK…

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Spreading Some Knowledge

John Eklund, Vice President Marketing, Pro Mach and Chairperson of the Business Intelligence Committee

Before I joined the Business Intelligence Committee, I spent many years gladly taking advantage of its offerings while joking that I hope my competitors continued to overlook the competitive advantage…

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Upcoming Opportunities for Rising Industry Leaders

Greg Berguig, Vice President, Sales & Marketing PAC Machinery and Chairman of Emerging Leaders Committee

A lot has happened with the Emerging Leaders Committee since I took over as Chairman in January.  The Emerging Leaders Network is offering more programming geared toward the industry’s leaders,…

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A Journey Begins with a First Step

Ole Rygh, Chairman, PMMI Show Committee, president and CEO, Ryson International

Despite taking over the Show Committee Chairmanship for PMMI at the beginning of the year, PACK EXPO East is my first event at the head of the table. I am happy to say that the second PACK EXPO East, and inaugural Healthcare…

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2016 – A Year of Growth and Connections for PMMI

Paul Irvine, PMMI Chairman; CEO, PrintPack, Inc

Growth opportunities and new connections guided PMMI’s success in 2016. PACK EXPO International broke records as the world’s largest and most comprehensive processing and packaging show in 2016. We reaffirmed PMMI as the global resource for the processing…