Risk Assessment Workshops

Increase Your Business Value with Machine Safety Standards and Risk Assessment

This course provides an overview of regulations, norms, and standards in the major markets that produce and purchase packaging and processing machinery. Some have changed and can impact your machinery solution value; non-compliance can prevent you from capturing business in your target markets. Risk Assessment training is integrated as a core approach to improving value while addressing these regulatory and normative requirements. 

Risk assessment is a process manufacturers use to evaluate their equipment for potential health and safety hazards before a hazard can cause an accident or incident. Many end users now require risk assessments as part of the procurement process.


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The course outline includes:

  • Global standards – why harmonization is important and what standards to use?
  • Risk assessment basics – what it is, why to do it, the iterative process, how to do risk assessment and when are you done?
  • Hands on risk assessment using Packsafe/designSafe® software.
  • Legal implications of risk assessment – new equipment, legacy equipment.
  • How to deploy risk assessment?

EU machinery directive 2006/42/EC

  • Essential health and safety requirements in Annex I of the machinery directive – what are they, how to meet them?
  • Declaration of conformity and incorporation – what directives and standards should you list?
  • What is the difference between a “person authorized” and a “authorized representative”?
  • What is the role of a notified body?
  • EN 954-1 and ISO 13849-1 – what to use, how to calculate performance levels.
  • EMC compliance – what to do?

Risk Assessment Member Watch

This short video explains how beneficial a quality risk assessment process can be for your company.

Additional information

The program is open to equipment suppliers and end users.  Suppliers who have responsibility for conformance to the ANSI/PMMI B155.1-2011 standard include: the manufacturer, manufacturer's agent, representative or distributor and resellers, installers, modifiers, rebuilders or integrators of packaging machinery. When the end user performs these functions they are considered to be a supplier.  Attendees may include engineering managers and engineers and personnel responsible for health and safety and management safety responsible for CE compliance, product safety and productivity.

PMMI Registration Fees:

  • $995 per person for PMMI Members
  • $1195 per person for Non-Members 

*Registration fees include all meals, breaks, and conference materials, including printed copies of the new ANSI/PMMI B155.1-2011 standard.

BONUS: Attendees will receive a 5% discount off the price of the Packsafe software, purchased separately, if it is ordered within 90 days of the training session!


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Risk Assessment Workshop

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