The Twin Cities Workforce Alliance is a group of packaging and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) companies in the Twin Cities area that are working together to promote awareness of the packaging industry to students. The alliance believes that the packaging industry is a great career choice for students with a variety of interests and skills.


Packaging’s Impact on the World

Look around you. The world of packaging has impacted everything you see. From the food you eat, the medication you take, to the video games you play, everything is packaged. Packaging supports thousands of industries across the globe.

The packaging industry is a large and growing industry that provides a wide range of career opportunities. Packaging professionals work in a variety of settings, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, and marketing. They are responsible for designing, developing, producing, and testing packaging materials and systems. Packaging professionals also work to ensure that packaging is safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Packaging in the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities Metropolitan area is no different, with hundreds of companies dedicated to the packaging industry. There are companies that build machines that make up a packaging line called equipment manufacturers. These equipment manufacturers work with various industries including baking & snack, beverage, household, personal care/cosmetics, pharmaceutical and many more to get you products and packages delivered safely and efficiently.

The Twin Cities Workforce Alliance offers a variety of resources to help students learn more about the packaging industry. The alliance website provides information about the industry, career opportunities, and educational resources. The alliance also hosts a variety of events, such as career fairs, job shadow opportunities, and educational seminars.

Equipment Manufacturers Companies

Equipment manufacturers build sophisticated equipment designed, engineered, built and integrated with other machines to package a product made up of packaging lines. With so many different types of packaged items, products required many different packaging lines before making it to your favorite store’s shelves. Learn more about a few equipment manufacturers in your area.



2501 Hudson Rd.

Maplewood, MN 55144

Contact: [email protected] | (888) 364-3577



9350 Broadway Ave

Suite 190

Minneapolis, MN 55445

Contact: [email protected]

Applied Adhesives

Applied Adhesives

6035 Baker Road

Minnetonka, MN 55435


Beckhoff Automation

13130 Dakota Ave

Savage, MN 55378



4300 Round Lake Rd W

St. Paul, MN 55112

Contact: [email protected] | (651) 348-6700

Delta Mod Tech

Delta Modtech

8445 Bunker Lake Blvd NW

Ramsey, MN 55303

Contact: Amy Elfering | [email protected]



88 - 11th Avenue Northeast

Minneapolis, MN 55413


MGS Machine

9900, 85th Avenue North

Maple Grove, MN 55369

Contact: [email protected]

Straub Design Company Logo

Straub Design Company

4401 Quebec Avenue North

Minneapolis, MN 55428

Contact: [email protected]


Careers in Packaging


If you are a student who is interested in learning more about the packaging industry, the Twin Cities Workforce Alliance is a great resource. The alliance can help you learn more about the industry, find a job, and start a successful career in packaging.


Packaging companies in the Twin Cities


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