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Certified Trainer

Become an effective and successful trainer with our Certified Trainer Workshop, a leading train-the-trainer program for the industry.

This workshop gives your company the strategies and tactics to train well across all employee skill levels including service technicians, service and training managers, maintenance technicians, internal trainers, line supervisors, and any employee tasked with training fellow employees or customers.

This Program Helps You:

  • Provide better machinery training for your customers
  • Maximize your customer’s productivity while enhancing safety
  • Increase machinery efficiency
  • Lower operating costs and reduce waste
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Analyzing the case study/project and cost of unreliable equipment

Hands-On Learning Includes:

  • Determining training stages and budget, assess needs, build a partnership agreement, and develop a training plan
  • Reviewing installation and onsite training basics such as training partnerships, scheduling, logistics, training documentation, and job aids
  • Learning training techniques including how to teach the adult learner, the 4-step training process, performance checks, and recognition
  • Reinforcing what you’ve learned by identifying training/learning gaps, develop a follow-up plan, define role of internal trainers, and measure performance goals

Certification Requirements:

  • Must complete 2-day workshop
  • 3 online training modules
  • Complete 4 training documents

More Information

This in-plant workshop focuses on your company’s specific training needs and goals. It’s a cost-effective way to train larger groups of employees (up to 12). A Customized Workshop provides you with:

  • Training documents tailored to your company
  • Cohesiveness: your employees are taught the same techniques at the same time
  • Communication tools to inform your customers about your new capabilities


  • PMMI Member: $12,950 + Food & Instructor Travel Fees
  • Non-Member: $14,950 + Food & Instructor Travel Fees

*Please note that the host company will also be responsible for food and instructor travel fees for in-plant workshops.

To schedule a Customized Workshop, or offer to host a future Certified Trainer Workshop at your facility, please submit an interest form here.

Cancelation Policy: Workshop cancellation must be received ten business days prior to your scheduled workshop in order to receive a refund.  If cancelled after the deadline, you have the option of rescheduling for a future iteration of the same workshop at no cost within 6 months and are billed any incurred costs by instructors. 

Please contact pmmiu.org with any questions.

Learn from the Experts at a PMMI Certified Trainer Workshop

The PMMI Certified Trainer Program facilitators have 75 years of combined experience in the consumer products goods manufacturing industry. Previously directing training operations on beverage and bakery and snack packaging lines at industry leading companies, all three facilitators offer first-hand knowledge of integrating new equipment, writing job aids, implementing skill upgrade programs and enhancing employee retention through the coordination of training courses.

Kevin has earned his Master’s Degree in Career and Technical Education and developed a lengthy career in instruction at the University of Wisconsin Stout along with extensive industry experience.

He obtained a diploma in Packaging Machinery Service from the Technical College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Packaging Engineering at UW Stout.

His work history includes the position of Field Service Engineer for Bemis Machinery. Working in the development and support of sterile liquid and powder filling systems, horizontal flow wrappers, and pallet wrappers. He was an instructor for Automated Packaging Systems to develop a program to train assemblers, maintenance, and service technicians. He has performed many credit/non-credit employee training courses for employers as well as assessments of workforce skills and the development of certifications used by employers. He has maintained professional contact by membership in the Institute of Packaging Professionals and by attending many International Expos and training sessions.

He has been working with PMMI to develop testing and instruction for many years. His industry and education experience has helped many others to develop skills in packaging machinery service, maintenance, sales, and engineering.

At American Design and Packaging in his hometown of New Richmond WI, he currently is the assembly technician for rotating tables. When not mentoring and educating others, he enjoys traveling spending time with family and friends, and being in nature.

Doug started his career working for Newport News Shipyard in the Electrical Department on Aircraft Carriers and Submarines. Trained as a welder, after a few years of burning rods, decided to go to college at night and graduated with an AAS degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology. This allowed him to transition into the position of a Test electrician, testing and delivering electrical systems to the US Navy.

Doug worked for Ryson International, a PMMI member, as the Service Manager. He attended the PMMI Certified Trainer class in 2009 and using the templates supplied in the class, created the documents used by Ryson for equipment PM’s, job aids, operation, and maintenance training. Doug recently retired after 15 years in this position.

Throughout his career, Doug has had many solid mentors help guide him. Moving into retirement, Doug would like to pay this forward to the next generation of service technicians. His varied background as a Maintenance worker and Manager, Service technician, and Manager gives him a unique perspective from the end user and OEM service provider viewpoints.

Jim Scheuren currently teaches Robotics and Automation Controls at Reading Area Community College in Reading, PA, Specializing in Fanuc and Yaskawa Motoman Robots as well as Allen Bradley and Siemens Controls. He has been an SME with an industry and education peer group who helped develop and maintain the PMMI Mechatronics Certification tests.

Jim studied Engineering Physics before joining the U.S. Navy. He was trained in all facets of electrical construction while serving. Upon leaving the military, Jim embarked on a career in marine service, eventually specializing in marine electronics.  Moving back home to be near family, Jim worked at St. Jude Polymer Corporation, a division of Signode Plastics, an ITW company. Hired as an electro-mechanical technician, he eventually became a foreman. When the company moved its operations, offshore Jim went back to school and obtained his AAS in Mechatronics Engineering Technology. He would eventually substitute at the college he now works at and obtain a full-time position there.

Jim has regularly attended both PMMI and other automation-related events. He maintains an associate membership in IOPP, is an active American Legionnaire, and is a member of his local Rotary Club. In his free time, Jim enjoys all types of motorsports, both land and sea.

Upcoming Workshops

June 20 - 21, 2024
Certified Trainer Workshop

BellatRx Inc.
Montreal QC

August 22 - 23, 2024
Certified Trainer Workshop

Delkor Systems, Inc.
Minneapolis MN
United States

November 3 - 4, 2024
Certified Trainer Workshop

PACK EXPO International
United States



PMMI Member: $1,295 per individual

Non-Member: $1,495 per individual

Includes workshop materials, continental breakfast, and lunch (Open-Enrollment Workshops Only).

In-Plant Customized Workshops

PMMI Member: $12,950 + Food & Instructor Travel Fees

Non-Member: $14,950 + Food & Instructor Travel Fees

See More Information and Customized Workshop for full details.

Cancelation Policy: Registration cancellation must be received 2 weeks in advance in order to reschedule without penalty or receive a refund on the registration fee, minus a $50 administration fee. Refunds will not be granted to NO-SHOWS or those canceling/rescheduling within 2 weeks of the class. To cancel, email [email protected]



Our 2-Day Workshop Helps You:

  • Maximize productivity while enhancing safety
  • Increase machinery efficiency
  • Lower operating costs and reduce waste
  • Better train customers on your machinery
  • Provide clear training documentation

Certified Trainers by Company

View the list of machinery manufacturer and CPG company employees that have been awarded PMMI’s Certified Trainer Program certification below!


If you have any questions email [email protected]

These courses are eligible for:

PMMI U Skills Fund

Tuition Reimbursement

Cancellation Policy: Registration cancellation must be received 2 weeks in advance in order to reschedule without penalty or receive a refund on the registration fee, minus a $50 administration fee. Refunds will not be granted to NO-SHOWS or those canceling/rescheduling within 2 weeks of the class. To cancel, email [email protected]