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TechEd 365

PMMI's online technical training courses provide consistent and repeatable content that is convenient and affordable, tailored to the packaging and processing industries. These courses serve those new to the industry and as an excellent refresher for seasoned employees.

Basic Electrical Components
Basic Electrical Components

The Basic Electrical Components E-Learning course is an introduction to the principles of electricity, and explains the functionality of electrical components found on packaging machinery. The course explains how electricity works, and explains the laws of electricity. The course covers the different electrical components commonly found on packaging machinery and how they function. It also delves into preventive maintenance, and helps students identify failures and malfunctions of these components. The course includes a test at the end.

Course Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours

Course Price: PMMI Member - $549 | Non-Member - $599 

Basic Mechanical Components
Basic Mechanical Components

The Basic Mechanical Components E-Learning course teaches operators, mechanics, and technicians about the basic mechanical components found on packaging lines. Each of the 12 lessons concentrates on the functionality and purpose of a different essential component.       

Topics of the Lessons Include: Bearings, Belt Drives, Brakes and Clutches, Chains and Sprockets, Gears, Levers, Cranks and Linkages, Cams, Shafts and Shaft Couplings, Springs, Star Wheels, Timing Screws, Geared Speed Reducers, Geared Speed Inducers, and Adjustable Speed Drives.

Course Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours

Course Price: PMMI Member - $199 | Non-Member - $249

Intro to Packaging Machinery
Introduction to Packaging Machinery

This 14 module course will help students gain a better understanding of the functions and operations of packaging machinery, package design, and packaging materials.This course is available in its entirety, or by individual module. Each individual module includes a quiz at the end. The passing score for each is 80%. The module is available for 6 months from date of purchase. 

Course Duration: Approximately 4 hours

Course Price: PMMI Member - $459 | Non-Member - $499 

Troubleshooting Packaging Machinery
Troubleshooting Packaging Machinery

(This Course is Available in English and Spanish)

Troubleshooting Packaging Machinery teaches packaging professionals entry-level theory, process, and logic of troubleshooting specifically applied to packaging manufacturing. Through the use of videos, animations, and interactive exercises, students will learn: 1) The difference between troubleshooting and problem solving, 2) The different types of problems, 3) How to differentiate between observations and possible causes.

Course Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Course Price: PMMI Member - $109 | Non-Member - $129

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