Cyber Health

Cybersecurity has become a critical topic to PMMI members and the packaging industry in today’s business environment. As a result, PMMI has created CyberHealth, to assist you with your cybersecurity needs and keep you up to date on current business practices, key trends, and imminent threats. Check this page often as we will be updating the information and resources on a regular basis.

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Wireless Security
Wireless Security – What do I need?

There are varying levels of wireless security that you can employ on your Wi-Fi networks ranging from completely open to tightly secured.  Here is a look at the various security protocols you should consider employing on your wireless networks.

Critical Internet Security Controls
CIS Version 8 of the Critical Internet Security Controls

In May of 2021, the Center for Internet Security released version 8 of their Critical Security Controls framework.  With this major version update came a number of additions to keep up with the evolution of cyber threats and changing uses of technology that need to be considered for security. Some of these changes include moving to cloud-based infrastructure, increased mobility and work-from-home, and changing attacker tactics. 

Anti-Malware Tools - What's the difference and why do I need one?

Antivirus and anti-malware tools have come a long way in the past several years. These tools originally functioned by simply scanning your computer for infected files, and eventually evolved to become more proactive by scanning downloaded files and inbound e-mails as they were downloaded to your computer. Today these tools are better known as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools and they are far more sophisticated than simple file scanning. 

Network Security
Network Security – Where do I begin?

It’s a safe bet that most computer networks have some basic security mechanisms in place such as firewalls or passwords on wireless networks.  Unfortunately maintaining basic network security isn’t enough anymore to protect your company from potential cyberattacks.  Network security can also get complex and expensive quickly.  So what security mechanisms should you begin with if you haven’t already?

How Do I Know What’s On My Network?

The first step towards protecting your computer network is to know exactly what is connected to it.  In fact, it’s the reason why having an “Inventory and Control over Enterprise Assets” is the first control in the CIS List of 18 Critical Information Security Controls. However, many companies have devices connected to their network that are either not company owned and managed, are part of a broader piece of equipment that is enabled by default or has not been properly configured, or are personal devices brought to the workplace, all of which create potential vulnerabilities and entry points for cyber attackers.

security policies
Security Policies – What Do You Really Need?

Many organizations struggle to find the right level of formality when it comes to documented security policies.  Smaller manufacturers in particular may struggle with having too few policies or not having the right policies to cover the breadth of topics needed to properly secure their technology assets and guide employees on what is and isn’t acceptable.