Packaging Management Council

Packaging Management Council (PMC)

The Packaging Management Council (PMC), sponsored by PMMI, is composed of packaging professionals serving the consumer and industrial products communities.

PMC Goals & Objectives

Building Communications

  • The PMC will provide a forum for discussion of current, on-trend topics to inform members and foster on-going communications between members. Where and when appropriate, the Council will also promote constructive and mutually beneficial interaction with suppliers, universities and other industry groups.
  • The development of a strong packaging management network is key to the purpose of the Council for benchmarking, networking and non-competitive discussion of topics central to the field of packaging.

Trends & Issues

  • The PMC will seek to identify emerging domestic and global trends, issues and industry actions that affect the packaging function within its member companies.
  • The Council will also attempt to monitor legislation and regulations that may impact the packaging function within its member companies.


  • The PMC will highlight and promote innovative practices and technologies that further the packaging function.
  • The PMC will identify, discuss and recognize the best in packaging resources, design and technology.

Best Practices

  • The PMC will provide, on a regular basis, information on the current state of packaging for the industries it serves; best practices; and issues of concern to its member companies. This includes benchmarking of packaging development and operations departments, plus background information on job functions and organizations of interest to packaging professionals. 
  • The PMC will also consider sponsored research of topics which support the packaging function and which are identified as common areas of interest.

Eligibility for membership in PMC

Eligibility is reserved for senior packaging managers from consumer or industrial goods manufacturing companies.

A senior packaging leader is defined as a person with divisional or corporate level responsibility for the planning, direction, and implementation of value-added services in any of the following functional areas: packaging research and development, design, material selection and equipment technology for a consumer or industrial goods manufacturing company.

Regular attendance at its scheduled meetings is central to continuing membership in the PMC.

Upcoming Meeting Information

The 2024 PMC Fall Meeting will be held on September 16-18, 2024 in Chicago, IL at the Mars Goose Island facility. More information to follow.

Past PMC Meetings

View our past PMC meetings, including presentations, photos, and more.


The PMC’s vision is to be the leading packaging roundtable for packaging executives.


The mission of the PMC is to provide a roundtable for senior packaging leaders to exchange information on trends and issues that will enhance member-company knowledge related to packaging and operations. It will seek to raise awareness of the role that packaging professionals play in delivering all types of products to businesses and consumers.


For questions, please contact:

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