Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities at PACK EXPO International 2020

Amazing Packaging Race

In this fun and educational event, teams from colleges and universities race around the PACK EXPO International show floor to complete tasks at the booths of participating exhibitors.

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CareerLink Live

CareerLink LIVE is an opportunity for members from PMMI, CPA and IoPP – and Consumer Packages Goods companies – to connect with students pursuing careers in packaging at PACK EXPO International on Tuesday, November 10 from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

This traditional career fair allows HR managers and recruiters the opportunity to promote their company’s internships, open and upcoming entry-level positions to top students from many colleges and universities with package design, engineering and mechatronics programs.




Robotics Showcase

High school students from across the country showcase their robots on the trade show floor. Teams will be able to display their troubleshooting and ‘bot skills for a half day during PACK EXPO International. In addition to free access to the show floor, PMMI will conduct tours of the floor for the students.

PMMI wants to help PMMI member companies bring their local team to PACK EXPO to showcase their design and experience the packaging industry. PMMI will match member contributions to assist their teams to attend PACK EXPO.

It’s easy to sponsor a team – submit your application by August 31, 2020.

Questions? Contact Jane Tran, program coordinator at [email protected]

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