PMMI Podcast

Episode #117 - Putting People in the Right Positions

Guest: Richard Bahr, Former PMMI Chairman and current CEO Coach

Former PMMI Chairman and current CEO Coach Richard Bahr discuss his time working with Entrepreneurial Operating Systems. Often used interchangeably with Traction, Bahr breaks down EOS as an operating system for your business that is people-centric, high on accountability, and very high on creating rhythm. Putting people in the right positions to succeed, which obviously every business needs.


Richard Bahr

Rich Bahr
Richard Bahr

For 21 years Richard Bahr was President of and shareholder in MGS Machine a successful Minnesota-based manufacturing firm succeeding his father and founder. MGS is considered a leading producer of packaging and automation solutions for life science companies. During his tenure, the company expanded its installations into 27 countries, new products were developed 20 of his 21 years, company revenues grew 4x and earnings 10x. His family exited the business in 2017.

He now coaches CEOs and business leaders, helping them find success while leading balanced lives.

In 2013, he co-founded a ministry with his wife, Carla, called Threshold to New Life. The organization’s mission is to provide both short-term relief to the homeless, as well as to give assistance to those at risk of losing housing, effectively reducing homelessness. In 2022, their organization played a part in assisting over 600 people and families in getting or keeping their housing.

Bahr is also an ordained minister, working as a volunteer Chaplain at two of the largest homeless shelters in Minneapolis. He has personally delivered over 30,000 pairs of socks to his “friends” in the street as a means of meeting the homeless, learning names and establishing relationships.

Bahr coordinates 30+ volunteers for 2.4 Ministries providing a daily breakfast and fellowship a Minneapolis homeless shelter.

Richard Bahr is also a published author. Proceeds from his recent book, Amazed: Why the Humanity of Jesus Matters, go towards funding his non-profit. In October 2018, Bahr released his most recent book, Those People: The True Character the Homeless relating stories about his homeless friends while transforming the readers’ paradigms of homelessness.