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Episode #123 - Bubbling Crisis: How Co2 Shortage Will Affect Food and Bev Industries

Guest: Aaron Hand, Editor-in-Chief, ProFood World

In this episode, we discuss the surprising carbon dioxide shortage and its potential ramifications on carbonated beverages, sparkling waters, beers, and hard seltzers. Pro Food World’s Aaron Hand joins unPACKed and unravels the causes behind this increasingly hushed global crisis.

Discover the factors contributing to the CO2 scarcity and its current effects on the food and beverage processing industry. Learn about the implications this shortage may have on your favorite beverages, prompting us to consider the broader impact on the market and what we can do to restore the effervescence to our drinks. Tune in now to stay informed on the unfolding situation and its potential effects on the beverages you love.


Aaron Hand

Aaron Hand
Aaron Hand

Aaron Hand has three decades of experience in B-to-B publishing with a particular focus on technology. He has been with PMMI Media Group since 2013, much of that time as Executive Editor for Automation World, where he focused on continuous process industries. Prior to joining ProFood World full time, Aaron worked as Editor at Large for PMMI Media Group, reporting for all publications on a wide variety of industry developments, including advancements in packaging for consumer products and pharmaceuticals, food and beverage processing, and industrial automation. At ProFood World, he covers automation, features, case studies, and packaging. Aaron holds a B.A. in Journalism from Indiana University and an M.S. in Journalism from the University of Illinois.

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