PMMI Podcast

Episode #128 - Exploring Mexico's Packaging Machinery Market Growth Pt. 1

Guest: Luis Domenech, Managing Director at Market Intelligence Latin America

Join us as we sit down with Luis Domenech in this first installment to uncover the driving forces behind the remarkable growth in Mexico's packaging machinery market  in 2022. Drawing from his extensive research and deep industry expertise, Domenech paints a vivid picture of how Mexico shattered records and established itself as a key player in the packaging machinery landscape. Discover how neighboring countries, particularly the United States and Canada, have played an instrumental role in Mexico's overwhelming majority of packaging machinery capital investments.

As the episode unfolds, Domenech provides invaluable insights into the factors that fueled the surge, from evolving consumer demands to technological advancements. Tune in as we explore the symbiotic relationship between Mexico's packaging industry and its North American counterparts, examining how collaboration and innovation have fueled this impressive growth trajectory.

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