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Episode #59 - Did 2020 Change Packaging Forever?

Guest: Matt Reynolds, Editor, Packaging World

On this episode of UnPACKed with Packaging WorldPW  Editor Matt Reynolds takes a step back from reporting on and analyzing the details of the latest packaging trends and provides a more holistic view focused on the year 2020. After a time unlike any other, Reynolds discusses the two biggest influencers on consumer behavior — COVID-19 and societal values — and how these two drivers changed the way consumers purchase and experience packaged goods. In turn, Reynolds reinforced his belief that packaging reflects society at large.


Matt Reynolds

Matt Reynolds
Matt Reynolds

A respected and trusted journalist in the packaging community, Matt Reynolds became Editor of Packaging World in 2018. With PMMI Media Group since 2014, Matt's earlier career included editorial roles at Baking Management, Modern Baking, and multiple machine tool and fabrication publications. He was also Editorial Director of PMMI Media Group’s OEM magazine. Reynolds received his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois, and he holds a MS in Journalism from Roosevelt University.

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