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Episode #61 - Understanding Market Disruption as a Competitive Advantage

Guest: Tom Morrison, President and CEO, Tom Morrison Associates

Renowned keynote speaker and expert on marketplace disruption, Tom Morrison, president and CEO of Tom Morrison Associates discusses what was shaking up the packaging and processing industry before COVID as well as how the past year added some new, potentially permanent disruptions. He lays out a classic good news/bad news evaluation for the next 5-10 years. Economically, the industry finds itself in one of the largest booms in our history while facing the lowest amount of qualified employees to handle the workload necessary to meet demand. Automation, ingenuity and an ability to remain nimble remain keys to success, and Morrison offers guidance on staying up to speed with a constantly evolving landscape.


Tom Morrison

Tom Morrison

Tom Morrison is a life coach and award-winning Association Executive who lives and breathes marketplace disruption and personal development. Tom lead his company to over a 1,000% growth increase since 2006, through using the key elements he shares in his keynotes. Tom's energetic keynote, "When Uberization Collides With Your Industry," has been a wake up call to industries across the country.

Over Tom’s 20+ year career as a trade association CEO, he has been a student of marketplace disruption, as well as personal development. Tom's sessions help companies understand the where, how, and why market disruption happens and how to lead it. He also motivates crowds on how to achieve the quality of life they desire from his groundbreaking book, "How to Get People to Scream Your Name and Beg For More".

Tom's dynamic and highly engaging delivery, coupled with his informative content, inspires and motivates crowds to make positive change. Tom's transparent and practical style leaves your attendees with take-a-ways to prepare for the future and achieve the best life possible.

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