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Episode #83 - Women in Packaging and Processing: A Path to Personal and Professional Success

Guest:  Lisa Rathburn, VP of Engineering, T. Marzetti Company

Not only does PMMI’s OpX Leadership Network bring together CPGs and OEMs to develop best practices and protocols for free industry adoption, but it also serves as a resource for tackling more significant industry issues. This unPACKed with PMMI episode revisits women in manufacturing with Lisa Rathburn, VP of engineering at T. Marzetti Company and active member of OpX Leadership Network and the Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network. Hear Rathburn provide success stories, inspiration, and tips that will help and encourage women currently in the industry and offer guidance for young women looking to manufacturing as a career.


Lisa Rathburn

Lisa Rathburn
Lisa Rathburn

Lisa Rathburn is currently the Vice President of Engineering at T. Marzetti Company.  Headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, T. Marzetti is a national leader in food manufacturing and marketing of specialty food products, serving retailers and food service companies nationwide with product lines including Marzetti® salad dressings and dips, New York Brand® Bakery Texas Toast, and Sister Schubert’s®homemade rolls.  In this role, Lisa is responsible for the corporate engineering function and capital project execution across 15 manufacturing facilities.  Prior to T. Marzetti, Lisa worked in the pharmaceutical and dairy nutrition industry in various Engineering and Quality Assurance roles. Lisa is the active chair of the PMMI OpX Leadership Executive Council, and member of the PPWLN Executive council.  She has been married for 20 years, and has three children.

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