PMMI Podcast

Episode #94 - Seeing the Future on Sustainability

Guests: Kyla Fisher, AMERIPEN and Rebecca Marquez, Business Intelligence Manager, PMMI

One of the main drivers for AMERIPEN and PMMI’s upcoming 10 Year Packaging Material Compass is trying to understand packaging and packaging recovery, as the recycling community clamors to better understand and adapt to the future of packaging. AMERIPEN’s Kyla Fisher and PMMI’s Rebecca Marquez join the unPACKed with PMMI pod to explain the need for this tool to see into the future about potential legislation, what consumers and CPGs are going to be looking for in sustainable packaging and what changes OEMs will need to make to adapt to this new reality. It’s sure to be a terrific report and this is just a taste of some of the early findings from the 10 year Packaging Material Compass.

Business Intelligence