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Episode #94 - Seeing the Future on Sustainability

Guests: Kyla Fisher, AMERIPEN and Rebecca Marquez, Director of Custom Research, PMMI

One of the main drivers for AMERIPEN and PMMI’s upcoming 10 Year Packaging Material Compass is trying to understand packaging and packaging recovery, as the recycling community clamors to better understand and adapt to the future of packaging. AMERIPEN’s Kyla Fisher and PMMI’s Rebecca Marquez join the unPACKed with PMMI pod to explain the need for this tool to see into the future about potential legislation, what consumers and CPGs are going to be looking for in sustainable packaging and what changes OEMs will need to make to adapt to this new reality. It’s sure to be a terrific report and this is just a taste of some of the early findings from the 10 year Packaging Material Compass.


Rebecca Marquez

Rebecca Marquez
Rebecca Marquez

Rebecca Marquez was hired at PMMI in 2016 as a manager of business intelligence, responsible for the execution and analysis of PMMI’s internal market research projects.  Due to her proven track record of success in quantitative and qualitative execution and analysis, project management and business development skills, in March of 2021 Ms. Marquez was given a leading role in the development and building of PMMI Media Group’s Custom Research initiative, a new offering of proprietary research services for PMMI members and packaging industry professionals.  In addition to her responsibilities in PMMI Business Intelligence, Ms. Marquez is responsible for the design, execution, and production of PMMI’s market research products for external clients.  

Ms. Marquez graduated from University of Wisconsin in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.   She has completed the Data Analytics Certification for University Georgia (2020) and the TLP 360 Degree Feedback Program for Leadership Development (2021).

Kyla Fisher

Kyla Fisher
Kyla Fisher

Kyla Fisher is the Program Manager for AMERIPEN--a material neutral trade association for the packaging industry. As Program Manager, Kyla is responsible for leading the association’s committees and stakeholder engagement efforts, as well as all research and development of the association’s publications and programs.

A former instructor of strategy for ASU’s Masters of Sustainability program, Kyla passionately believes that sustainability is not an “add-on for businesses but rather should be seen as a strategic offering that offers resiliency in uncertain times.

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