Mechatronics Partner Schools

Hennepin Technical College

Programs focus on:
Packaging Machinery (operator, technician, maintenance mechanic, etc.), Mechatronics, Industrial Controls Technician

Automation Robotics Engineering Technology.  Awards offered:  A.A.S, Diploma, and 1 year certificate. 

Successful completion of training in Automation Robotics Engineering Technologies leads to wide-spread opportunities in the high-demand packaging  field.  Automation knowledge, skills, and attitudes (mind and hands) are applied to the designing, building, installing, and troubleshooting of high-tech, high-speed automated electro-mechanical machinery systems for Packaging and other manufacturing applications.  Emphasized skills include problem-solving, repairing, fabricating, motor controls, Robotics and PLC.  Automated systems typically include Computers, Touch Screens (HMI), Quality Assurance, Vision Systems, Lasers, Robots, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), AC/DC/Servo/stepper/VFD motor controls, hydraulic and pneumatic controls, Conveyors, Bar Code/SmartCard/RFID, Electrical systems, Electronic Circuits, and a wide variety of sensors.  Graduates are eligible to pursue baccalaureate programs in manufacturing and engineering technology in the Minnesota State College and Universities system.

This college aligns with the following PMMI Mechatronics Certifications:

  • Fluid Power
  • Industrial Electricity 1
  • Industrial Electricity 2
  • Mechanical Components 1
  • Motor and Motor Controls
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) 1
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School Information

Jeff Thorstad
13100 College View Drive
Eden PrairieMN 55347
United States