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10 Things the PMMI Leadership Development Program Has Taught Me

10 Things the PMMI Leadership Program Has Taught Me

My name is Mia Stevens and I have had the pleasure of being the marketing coordinator at Morrison Container Handling Solutions for about a year and a half. I joined the team after graduating from Purdue Northwest and playing college softball. I also have an extensive freelance business! Together, both are my opportunity to contribute and make a real impact, but I’ve really enjoyed growing in our industry. My role at Morrison allows me to challenge my creative side and build on my strategic skills, while shaping what our message is to the industry and our customers.

With my goals being focused on continuing to grow myself while providing value to my company, I was given the opportunity to participate in the PMMI Leadership Development Program, and my journey has been nothing but transformative. Not only did this course provide me with a platform to refine my skills, but it also instilled new perspectives that have reshaped my approach to leadership. If you're questioning whether this program is right for you, it is! Here are ten things I learned in the process.

  1. My Personality Breakdown:

As I started this class, I underwent an in-depth analysis that shed light on my personality type from many different angles, such as how I handle:

  • Problems & Challenges
  • People & Contacts
  • Procedures & Constraints
  • Pace & Consistency

Having this as a resource has been invaluable not only in my career but also in my home life. I can now take a step back, recognize my patterns, and address them in real time.


  1.  How to Navigate Leadership Styles:

Exploring various leadership styles has broadened my toolkit, enabling me to adapt to different situations. Although, it's not just about adapting to situations; it's about understanding what resonates with me. This journey has given me the tools to recognize what I truly value in a leader and how I respond best in different scenarios.


  1. Embracing My Strengths and Weaknesses:

In the business world, we are often advised to keep our weaknesses under wraps. However, this course was a game-changer for me. It gave me the tools to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and play them strategically. What surprised me most? Traits I used to see as weaknesses unfolded into unexpected strengths as the course progressed.


  1. Mastering Communication Dynamics:

We all understand the significance of communication, but this course elevated my ability to communicate both within my team and with the world outside it. This program highlighted internal and external communication strategies and sharpened my skill in articulating ideas effectively.

A key lesson I wish I had known sooner is to become an active listener.


  1. Leadership vs Management:

Plot twist – they're not the same thing! Exploring the nuances of leadership versus management has been a personal value, but this course has elevated it to a lived principle. It's not just about understanding; it's about embodying a standard that has enhanced my leadership skills and shaped me into a more conscientious individual.


  1. The Power of Presence:

Recognizing the importance of being physically and mentally present has changed how I look at most things. I often find myself repeating the expression "be where your feet are" as a reminder to live in the moment and give 100% of my effort to the task at hand.

In our fast-paced world, getting caught up in a project or something said in a meeting is easy. If you are constantly worried about what happened yesterday, you will miss the chance to conquer today!


  1. Strategic Decision-Making:

Delving into effective decision-making strategies has empowered me to navigate challenges with confidence and clarity and elevated my value as an asset to my company. Trusting my decision-making skills, I now approach choices holistically, considering the bigger picture for impactful outcomes.


  1.  Adaptability and Resilience:

This program didn't just teach me about adaptability and resilience in leadership; it became my guide to navigating change with agility. As a newcomer in this industry, I wasn't always the loudest voice, but this course revealed something crucial – this industry is built on different perspectives, and this is what drives innovation! We need people who see things from different angles, or we will never evolve.


  1. Networking:

Through this course, I had the privilege of connecting with incredible individuals who have become a valuable network of resources who understand my industry and its demands.


  1. Fostering a Culture of Continuous Learning:

One of the many lessons from the PMMI Leadership Development Program is the significance of creating a culture of continuous learning within our team. Embracing a mindset that encourages ongoing development enhances individual growth and contributes to the collective success of the entire group. It's not just about ticking off training sessions; it's about sharing the excitement of growth and discovery. I've come to see that a culture that values learning is our secret sauce for sparking innovation, staying adaptable, and achieving lasting excellence in the ever-changing dance of our industry.

As a newcomer in the industry, this program has taught me lessons that will stay with me forever. From unraveling the nuances of my personality to navigating diverse leadership styles, this course has been a game-changer. As I wrap up this transformative chapter, I carry with me new skills and a personalized roadmap for ongoing success in both professional and personal endeavors. If you are ready to elevate your skills and take the next step in your career, look no further than the PMMI Leadership Development Program!