MaX Member Forum Offers New Guidance to Help Effectively Bridge the IT-OT Gap


Introducing the new Bridging the IT-OT Gap on Cybersecurity work product, designed to help solve the issue of effectively closing the cybersecurity gap between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) on the shopfloor. This guidebook was developed by the MaX Member Forum, convened by PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies. 

The Bridging the IT-OT Gap on Cybersecurity guidebook helps educate individuals at both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers (CPGs) about cybersecurity approaches from both the IT and OT perspectives, and to help PMMI members operate effectively at the intersection of IT and OT when it comes to operationalizing cybersecurity.

The highlights of this work product include defining the IT-OT gap, understanding the constraints of both IT and OT, proposed solutions and best practices to bridge the gap, and real-world cybersecurity situations.

“The cybersecurity gap between IT and OT has become increasingly challenging as computer and network systems become ubiquitous in manufacturing processes,” says Bryan Griffen, senior director, industry services, PMMI. “The more IT and OT work together, learn from each other, and plan proactively, the smaller the IT-OT gap becomes, leading to more secure manufacturing environments.”

PMMI’s MaX (Manufacturing Excellence) is a collaborative Member Forum driving efficiencies and streamlining operations by sharing best practices for optimizing business, convening share groups to discuss best practices, and developing focused training to improve operations.

The Bridging the IT-OT Gap on Cybersecurity work product, as well as other operational solutions, are available for free download at:

Tracy Stout
VP, Communications