New PMMI Media Group Custom Research Delivers Brand Specific Strategy


Powered by the experts behind 20 years of PMMI Business Intelligence, new PMMI Media Group Custom Research provides packaging and processing suppliers exclusive, competitive insights into their business and customers.

The new service offers: Value Proposition and Product Development Insights, Brand and Competitive Analysis and Thought Leadership Research. Through Value Proposition and Product Development Insights, suppliers gain an understanding of what their buyers want and expect, uncover misconceptions about their products/services and learn trends and market insights to strengthen new product launches. Competitive Analysis provides data on suppliers’ brand perception and perceived value proposition, giving insight into how they fit into the competitive landscape. Thought Leadership Research produces market intelligence that companies can share with their customers—empowering businesses to strengthen their positions as an industry authority.

“In today’s changing environment, it is more important than ever for companies to understand their brand, competition and customers’ needs,” says Jorge Izquierdo, vice president of market development, PMMI. “Our unique ability to access industry buyers and influencers directly, allows us to give companies a detailed analysis of their target market so they can make critical business decisions.” 

PMMI Media Group Custom Research helps companies develop a business and marketing strategy solely suited for their brand. PMMI Business Intelligence, a division of PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, has a proven history of identifying trends and offering actionable intelligence to help professionals make decisions that drive business forward. This legacy of research excellence coupled with the PMMI and PMMI Media Group’s comprehensive combined customer database of 150,000 brand owner contacts— including subscribers to PMMI Media Group brands and attendees to the PACK EXPO portfolio of trade shows—enables PMMI Media Group Custom Research to conduct a tailored mix of in-person and online research, workshops and focus groups with industry decision-makers.

Find additional information about PMMI Media Group Custom Research here.

Shana Marais
Senior Manager, PR