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By: Marisa Henry, Senior Project Engineer, Campbell Soup Company

marisaEarly in my life, I knew I had interests in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  My focus was primarily the sciences which led me to attain a degree in Biological Science.  However, I still had a thirst for knowledge and curiosity which propelled me down the road of Mechanical Engineering where I would attain my second degree. This degree ultimately led to a career in food manufacturing and eventually to the Campbell Soup Company. 

Growing up, I considered myself to be moderately athletic and enjoyed participating in sports activities.  However, over the years, my fervor diminished and rather than joining in, I became more of an enthusiast. In August 2015, this would change as my curiosity would once again peak and on a whim, I would join Black Girls Run! This nationally recognized running organization was founded to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African American community. My decision to once again become active was no surprise but doing this by way of joining a running group was. I never ran track nor had interests in any type of running before and just kept thinking…this is going to be interesting. 

In my role at the Campbell Soup Company, I take pride in knowing my technical and project management skills are instrumental in bringing some of the most iconic brands to the grocery shelves and into your kitchens. Engineering is a rewarding yet demanding field.  Oftentimes, my project work requires being on the road and in those instances, my exercise may manifest itself in the form of a morning run in the countryside of Wangen im Allgäu, Germany or an evening workout in Franklin, Wisconsin. The key is staying consistent no matter where you are, even if it’s just a 30-minute workout. 

On the surface, engineering and fitness don’t seem to have any linkage, but for me the two couldn’t be more intertwined. Dedication, commitment and discipline are a few words that can easily describe success in engineering as well as fitness. My passion for engineering sometimes overflows on to the pavement as running affords me time to think about work (if I desire), but also the ability to not to think about work and recharge. It is truly my happy place!